SMD SE Tutorial


Here is a sequence of photos showing the construction of a Miller Solar Engine using all SMD parts. I have used Bostik Blu-Tak to hold the parts while soldering. I have chosen to use a FET for several reasons. Using a FET instead of a normal transistor means that you can eliminate the current limiting resistor on the base of the transistor - less parts! It makes a good base for building the SE on. And the output pins on finished assembly can easily connect to the enable pins of a 74AC240 chip when placed directly on top.

MN1382-J , ZVN2106G, Case 0805 Cap .22Uf 16v, MiniMelf Diode

Bend gate lead around to top of chip.

Slide pin 1 of 1382 under gate and solder.

Apply a small amount of solder to pin 3 of the 1382.
Solder anode of diode to pin 3 of the 1382
Bend source pin up to meet cathode of diode.
End view of diode cathode.
Strip wire and bend end - insert into gap.
Use tweezers to place capacitor on top of 1382.
Solder capacitor to edge of diode anode.
Strip wire and form a small hook in the end, rotate assembly so you are looking down at the top.
Use Bostik Blu-Tak to hold wire across cap and pin 2 of the 1382 and solder.
Here is the SE before re-soldering the joints quickly one at a time - for a good finish.
The finished SMD-SE (5mm FLED for size comparison) Finished SMD-SE after cleaning with a toothbrush under water to remove the HydroX solder flux (5mm FLED for size comparison).
Zetex ZVN2106G connection diagram Zetex ZVN2106G connection diagram.
Panasonic MN 1382 connection diagram Panasonic MN 1382 connection diagram.